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Tin Stanton is a Master of Arts from South Gloucestershire, creating in paint, illustration, digital design and photography.​


With several works claiming finalist positions in galleries in London, Birmingham, Doncaster and Crete, he has also had his work displayed in the climate based, Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2022.


Tin Stanton's take on still life is a mix of impressionist technique, and a fun, nostalgic feel for some of the objects that make us all smile the most. From Lego figures to our (much debated) favourite biscuits, he brings them alive with character and vibrancy. 


Tin Stanton's ongoing futuristic project uses a variety of mediums such as painting, illustration, photography and text to produce a contemporary graphic novel with a climate message, through the moral tale of one man's journey through humanity's past, present and future. A visually striking experience that blends fact and fiction, blurring the line between reality and imagination.


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