This blog contains highlights of my 2nd year at UWE, and includes ideas, discoveries and works which I feel are relevant to the course made both inside and out of the studio, as well as outlining the processes I have learned.

The blog also includes my 'Studio File' ( A collection of personally influential artists and recent gallery visits) as well as my Professional Practice experiences.

I painted both these within the last few days and I think they are a good indication of how much my skills have improved (ink study and acrylic study).

Painting is certainly my area of expertise, and I will continue to improve with practice and learning, but for now I am pleased with the fact I can tackle most subjects now with much more confidence than I did a year or so ago.

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I had this idea overnight and felt compelled to attempt to recreate it. I could have done this digitally (and it would probably have been easier) but the end result proves to me that it would work well as a painting.

Possibly my next large 1m square painting this is almost a reflected view of my first Visitors piece it brings in the human element as well as a sense of scale...

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Still trying to improve my watercolour skills with the hope is that with summer coming up I can get to do some plein air painting.

I'm reasonably pleased with the results I'm getting, but more practice is definitely needed before I work on anything larger than A3.

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