This blog contains highlights of my 2nd year at UWE, and includes ideas, discoveries and works which I feel are relevant to the course made both inside and out of the studio, as well as outlining the processes I have learned.

The blog also includes my 'Studio File' ( A collection of personally influential artists and recent gallery visits) as well as my Professional Practice experiences.

I have spent the last few weeks working on the Thomas Chatterton Memorial painting and sent it to the judges before varnishing in case any changes needed to be made. I was optimistic at this point as I feel it's technically one of my best pieces, and by far superior to the digital rough.

Sadly they were not entirely satisfied with my rendition from digital to large acrylic painting, which is understandable as it isn't an exact copy of the mock-up and expectations can be hard to predict. I also think I am somewhat hampered by everything being on screen at the moment, as the judges cannot see the physical difference between this and a rough digital sketch.

I have a list of changes which I will make over the coming week, and will then report back to the judges with my progress. I am sure expectations can be met with a few rounds of changes.

I've been working on landscape paintings for some time now, initially in great detail, with strong narratives and heavy details, but I am now working on bleaker, simpler compositions that allow the viewer to interpret them in their own way.

I'm really pleased with how my landscapes are progressing, and these smaller works (the top one is A4) are a great practice for something larger.

I find it hard to embrace the digital format in the same way as drawing and painting. The speed and efficiency; ability to undo and erase so easily, all make for a great platform for sketching out ideas which I have been doing for some time now, though not all ideas end up on canvas.

I am always considering a larger, more detailed, 'finished' piece which I could quite easily turn to print through lithography or laser etching.