It's 2020 and the world is stuck indoors. Google it if you don't believe us...

It occurred to some of us first year UWE Drawing & Print Students, that since the university had been shut down it was becoming increasingly difficult to get the inspiration and drive to draw or paint, and the sight of a white piece of paper was getting evermore daunting.

So, the idea for Artistic Soup was just born from the thought that from the primordial soup of ideas, the dirt and scraps of art, trash etc... a thread of gold could be found with a new set of eyes (or more) from which to pull out something beautiful. A whole idea built upon the guarantee of accidents...and the possibility of their happiness.


A brief call out to those that fancied a challenge, and six brave fools began sharing work with each other. Not their best work, in fact quite possibly some of their worst. And here is the result....Not a definitive result, but an ongoing project which we hope will develop and grow into something...