I’ve got a question, should I ask it?

Yes please! This website has been created with sharing in mind, whether through questions, acknowledgements, pictures etc. Never be afraid to contact me through this site, or through my Facebook page….. I’d love to hear from you….

Can I submit to 'Your Gallery'?

Yes, please do! Your Gallery is an opportunity for anyone at any ability level to show off their artistic or photographic talents - as long as they have a wildlife theme. Artwork, in any medium is designed to be shared, and I will show off as much of your art as I can. If you have art or photos to share, get in touch!

What printing techniques and materials do you use on the prints you sell?

I have my prints reproduced professionally using Giclee inks and the highest quality archival paper to ensure the images remain bright and vivid for many lifetimes! They are printed on Smooth Fine Art 320gsm paper/card in limited editions of 50. This quality is reflected, to an extent in the price, but also in the finished pieces, which are exact reproductions of the originals.

Do you take commission work?

Yes I do. Some of my pieces have been commissioned through others, and depending on whether they have wanted the original of the finished item or just a print, prices have varied from £100 - £500. I have also undertaken some charity work free of charge. If you are interested in a commission piece, please let me know. It never hurts to ask…

Do you sell any original art?

On this website I am only selling prints at the moment. I do sell original prints through personal request, shows or through my Artfinder page. Feel free to contact me for more details.

In your Shop it states the size of the prints as ‘plus border’. What does this mean?

The sizes of the prints are stated as the size of the picture itself. There is a border of approximately 25mm around each print to allow for the signature and limited number and for ease of framing.

Can I return a print after purchase?

Sadly I can’t always offer a return of prints due to the nature of the product. If you are unsure about ordering and feel that you may need to return a print for one reason or another, then please get in touch before ordering so we can come to an arrangement.

How do you post your prints?

Prints are carefully packaged in cardboard tubes and posted via Royal Mail 1st Class recorded delivery. Postage to destinations outside the UK is available on request.

Do you have any advice on framing prints?

A good quality, and carefully chosen frame can enhance a picture’s overall feel in a room, so it is vital to choose the correct frame. Most framing companies will offer a range of styles and colour options to fit with the print and will offer help and guidance when it comes to choosing the right mount and frame.


Although a much cheaper method, I would urge anyone investing in a print to avoid ready-made frames, as they tend to be of a poorer quality than a bespoke frame. With the size of the prints I offer, I would anticipate spending between £40 to £80 on a good quality frame which will keep the print looking beautiful for many years to come.

Your prints seem relatively expensive compared to other prints I have seen. Why is that?

Prints can vary with regard to the quality of the print and paper used, the quality of the reproduced image, and the popularity of that image. Mass produced prints tend to be of a lower quality than those that are individually printed, and colours tend not to last as long.


In small batch prints from original artists you are not simply buying a picture but investing in the artist, the art and your personal association with it. My prints are carefully scanned and printed by a local reprographics company who specialise in print reproductions. They are then hand signed and limited to 50 prints of each.

Your prints seem relatively inexpensive compared to other prints I have seen. Why is that?

Because I wouldn’t be happy selling them for more than I need to…… And thank you.

Are your prints mounted or framed?

The prints available in the shop are neither mounted or framed. The reasons for this are due to the ease of postage (framed prints are rather expensive to safely post), and because framing is such a personal choice. The prints are therefore ready to mount or frame in your own way.

What printing techniques and materials do you use on the prints you sell?

My prints are reproduced by a company who specialises in archival quality printing of original artworks. I choose the highest, archival quality ink and paper for my prints, ensuring they will remain bright and vivid for  many lifetimes. They are printed using Giclee ink on Smooth Fine Art 320gsm paper/card.

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