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50 Things...A Boardgame?

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

My investigations into boardgames took a few unexpected turns (pun intended).

The best fit (in respect of the information being represented) was to create something like a Snakes and Ladders type game with maybe 100 spaces and every other space representing something either good (ladder) or bad (snake).

Despite liking the concept, the actual design could end up very messy and ugly.

There was also another aspect of my 50 Things which would have an affect on design. This was that each of the 'things' were sentences rather than single words, lending themselves to a long thin representation, rather than squeezing them into boxes in snakes and ladders board.

The search continued with these further boardgame ideas:

The Victorian theme really appealed to me, so I hoped I could use these kind of colours and designs somehow.

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