A Real Build

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

I've been toying (pun intended) with the idea of doing some model making for a while now, and during this current stage in my planning of large scale paintings I thought it might actually help to see my ideas in three dimensional action.

Created from oven dried modelling clay, Lego and acrylic paint it was an enjoyable project, while also helping me identify, or at least cement some of the ideas I already had. I was excited to use Lego; partly because it's all about construction from it's very nature, but also as it's a recycled part of my youth and holds a lot of memories for me. My childhood bedroom, in a small village outside London looked over fields and trees where we used to play, only to eventually be flattened by the construction of the M25.

Entitled 'Our favourite tree' it suggests a struggling tree in a man-made confine. Black shapes appear to be rising up, taking the tree with them, already almost dead and destined not to last much longer. With the worlds ever swelling population and ever growing greed, this is a token of a much bigger, and more frightening future.

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