Acrylic skies

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

As I am now approaching my painting with more confidence, I think my own personal style is allowing itself to show much more in the end results. Through picking up tips, learning from mistakes and a lot of practice, I am starting to relax, letting some of the control go. Where I would normally push for detail, I'm now stepping back, allowing the details of the brushstrokes to do that work for me.

I'm still enjoying my lack of reference in my compositions, referring only to pictures of clouds every now and then if I need to.

I'm currently interested (actually a little excited) in expanding on the idea of this first image. It has a lack of detail and limited interest in way of a focal point, but that's what makes it feel like you are part of it. You haven't walked up to an object, building or tree to look at it; you aren't anywhere of note, and all you can see stretches to the horizon, but because of that you feel very much there. Immersive, don't you know...

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