Updated: Jan 11, 2021

I visited the Soapworks gallery, not reallyknowing what I was expecting to see, especially as this was one of my first trips out beyond my local supermarket since March. The only thing I knew was there, and what had brought it to my attention was that one of our tutors work was on display.

The building itself was amazing, with many of the original fixtures and fittings in place, and signs of age and decay in darker corners. I did find myself losing some of the distinction between the art installations themselves and their surroundings, but that just added to the experience.

Subject matter was varied, hitting occasionally on topics of sustainability and general social awareness, but nothing too blatant, loud or relying on that to make its point.

I enjoyed many of the works, primarily the simpler, calmer pieces, though not all were to my tastes. In particular the works of Mariele Neudecker and Ian Chamberlain stood out above the rest.

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