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This is my final piece.

Following an active peer session where my draft poster was analysed in every respect, certain issues came up, namely:

- Should the text of the 50 Things be the same way round all the way, or should it be easier to read?

- Can the text fill the whole wheel?

- Can the text of 50 things not be outlined but still clear?

I spent a ridiculous amount of time testing and debating with myself about these things. If the text is on a wheel surely it should all be the same way round as the wheel spins? Doesn't that make it hard to read? Shouldn't it start on the left, or will having the text running counter clockwise feel awkward? Where should the headings for each area be?

All in all I'm really happy with the outcome, and finding resolutions that I can live with, and hopefully others will still be able to easily read and understand.

Finished at 300dpi, the A1 poster is now ready for its final printout.

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