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Final draft in progress

The final coloured draft was fairly easy, using all the planning and references I had in place. There were still things to decide though, the first being the programs used to create the final piece. Here are some of the decision making processes during this last phase:

1. Format - Due to time and location issues (I've been in darkest Wales for the past few days) I decided to complete this as a bitmap image rather than a vector. The main image would have to be bitmap anyway due to the painting detail carried out in Procreate on the iPad. The end result is 300dpi at A1 size in CMYK.

2. Colours - Using the examples of colour in the references I have made this particular part easy - and I'm particularly happy with the balance of colour, considering the limited palette.

3. Fonts and Weights - This was the hardest part; trying to make the text stand out round the wheel and make the headings feel like they had the correct weight for the piece. Increasing the size of the heading text (eg: TIN STANTON) made it appear clumsy, but after a little resizing and the addition of the simple lines above and below the heading made it feel less detached from the poster.

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