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First CUt - Outsider

This is my first attempt at putting a storyboard together. I'm still trying out ideas at this point as I develop skills and see what does and doesn't work.

Personally I'm pleased with the Hitchcock/Lynch feel I was going for, and I'm happy with the nods to references I have included, such as Lynch's/Alice's white Rabbit, Fincher's Fight Club trick and (unintentionally) Donnie Darko.

After a review of the piece with my tutor the following changes were decided:

  1. Lose the introduction as it is taking up too much time without narrative.

  2. Add more story (and sadness) into the story, with additional scenes.

  3. Maintain the position of the Outsider in the frame throughout.

  4. Remove some of the speech to 'see not say' - letting the viewer decide for themselves.

  5. Make a bright colourful outro with a conclusion to the story.

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