'Style' for a new world

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Because of the nature of my Visitors project, a great deal of people ask questions about all kinds of aspects of living in my future, which is great, because I get to create how they look. As these, and the questions that crop up in my head get considered an planned on, I like to give the idea an image, sketch or digital to get a feel for how it looks. These images in turn help me to identify other issues regarding the future that arise while creating and thinking about them.

One question that has been asked is what 'style' is there in the future? This is still something I'm currently toying with in my head, and the various styles here show that. I know that I want to bring a lot of nostalgia into the future - My personal childhood future, before computers could fit into a single room, would certainly have a 'second-wind' with limited electronics and no internet, (bringing back board games and candlelight) so possibly the things like the style of newspapers and magazines of the 70s would return?

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