Updated: Nov 30, 2020

I hadn’t heard of Cai Guo-Qiang before to my knowledge, but it turns out I have seen and admired much of his work. His exhibition of Gunpowder Art happened to be on at the Ashmolean museum in Oxford during our UWE trip, and seeing the information about it, it seemed like the gallery to make a beeline for.

The huge and powerful artworks across the wall were immediately striking and beautiful. I guess I question the amount of skill involved in artworks such as these, but as something to look and love they truly work for me. I also have a fascination with the whole destruction element of the work, and the showmanship that comes with it.

This is a work I have seen before. Its clever, stunning and beautiful, but I guess again I question the skill and art aspect of this installation. Which do you require more of to achieve work like this? Artistic talents, a strong message or just a lot of money?

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