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Introduction To MA Graphic Arts

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

For our first foray into Graphic Arts as a practical subject we have been asked to consider 50 Things about ourselves, and create a poster showing these 50 things in any way we wish. I instantly knew what 50 things I would like to include - a list of events through my tumultuous life.

My first thought was to lay these 50 things out as a timeline, which is an obvious choice for chronological information, however fitting a timeline into an A1 shape is tricky, as they tend to run long and thin...

A little search online for timelines brought me to this next image - which fits perfectly, initially looks more like a board game..

With that in mind I considered whether the idea of an actual board game would work - with each of the 50 things being events (good or bad) or spaces to land on.

This was a route to investigate further, and I played with a few ideas before moving on....

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