Updated: May 12

Lin JingJing's 2021 exhibition pieces entitled Utopian Reality immediately appealed to me, but when I found out a few facts about her thoughts behind the works I was intrigued by the similarities in my own. She talks of questioning the affects of technology, the unstoppable need for humanity to develop and change until their eventual demise, and the belief that one person's vision of utopia can be another's dystopia.

The works themselves are mixed media works, which doesn't normally excite me, but these 2 metre square 'Windows' feel like a perfect way to view a brightly coloured, everyday, familiar, yet at the same time quite odd scenes.

Despite the inclusion of the out of the ordinary science fiction UFO's, they don't make the focus of the scene, as the characters, calmly going about their daily tasks invite you into a world where flying saucers are an everyday occurrence.

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