New large painting

After lots of painting practice and a great deal of thought and planning, I'm finally starting work on a new large painting - 1m square.

Taking influences from the old masters in terms of detail and style, but with a very contemporary concept. This is a continuation of the landscape ideas I have been working on, with digital glitches that remind us that we aren't viewing the real thing....

Taking this further I am now adding the elements as physical objects - large, almost futuristic monoliths in this particular case. I want the image to be pleasing to view, while at the same time asking the question of the viewer of what it's all about.

So what is it about?

No matter how each individual views this, it's obvious that the large structures don't belong - like large man made, or science fiction buildings, or even visitors from elsewhere. The fact that they don't belong is the key - with so much of the planet covered in man made materials it would be right to assume that none of it belongs. We call Earth ours, and kill everything that gets in our way with progress, yet human beings are purely renters of the Earth - and we aren't getting our deposit back...

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