As part of the Big Draw drawing festival the Arnolfini asked groups of UWE students to come up with an activity sheet relating to it's current exhibits. Our group chose a simple activity to show how you can appear different or feel different around different people and in different circumstances.

We wanted to make it as colourful as possible and simple in design. The group was made of five students and two of us naturally took a lead, producing some quick ideas and feeding more ideas from others.

Working inline isn't the best way to work collaboratively, so we each chose a task to do, and I suggested that I would put the entire design together. One student wrote the text, one created the figures, another took on the front cover which dictated much of it's style, and finally ano9the created a simple background design.

I took these element, assembled them and came up with three variations on the same theme with slightly different colourways. This was the design which was chosen, and ultimately appeared on the Arnolfini website for download.

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