the landscape is changing

Still working on this large acrylic piece, which I hope will be the beginning of a series which will reference the human 'influence' on the landscape through progress.

Despite working on this theme with a fairly good idea of it's own meaning to me, as I paint it it continues to remind me and suggest certain things, which suggests that memory plays a part in my message too.

I'm reminded of my teenage years, living in a council house outside London with fields as far as the eye can see, until the arrival of the M25 that cut past our house. I also found myself referring back to the early, anti-capitalist work of bands such as Depeche Mode, Gary Numan and Hazel O'Connor (If anyone still remembers her) which I would have been listening to at that time.

I'm constantly being dragged to and from ideas. One such idea was that they should be metallic, almost reflective, as they put me in mind of skyscrapers I remember once looking down on in Hong Kong.

They are now black, and more indicative of something from a sci-fi movie (2001 springs to mind) and even more out of place. This though, is what we are and what we do as humans, turn beautiful landscapes into giant blocks of nothing. We are the blot on the landscape.

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