Thomas Chatterton COMPETITION

In association with the UWE, the Chatterton Society in Bristol are celebrating his life and influence in a competition to create a memorial piece which can be displayed and used as an educational tool.

I have entered the competition, the process of which has been interesting in itself, not least to learn about Chatterton. I had the idea to try a spin on Wallis' depiction of Chatterton's death - the most famous, and possibly only portrait of him, which itself told a complex narrative in just a single room.

Based loosely around the oil painting by Henry Wallis depicting the death of Chatterton, this picture tells a new narrative within a similar setting. The room itself is lighter and brighter and the main character gives us an idea of a wistful thoughtfulness and beauty. Rather than directly celebrate the short life of the man himself, I have chosen to tell a story beyond his lifetime; of continued romanticism and inclusive opportunities

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