This blog contains highlights of my 2nd year at UWE, and includes ideas, discoveries and works which I feel are relevant to the course made both inside and out of the studio, as well as outlining the processes I have learned.

The blog also includes my 'Studio File' ( A collection of personally influential artists and recent gallery visits) as well as my Professional Practice experiences.

Updated: Apr 29

'Visitors' - Acrylic painting on 1m x 1m canvas. Finally finished, this large piece is one of the most detailed and complex I have worked on so far. Looking almost like science fiction with the out of place towers, it's easy to forget that most of the world was green like this before we started to build on it...

This is the first of a series of painting I want to complete, mixing traditional methods of painting with detail and depth, and almost futuristic features. Although beautiful, I want to create some paintings that display the blot on the landscape that man has created, the obliteration of nature through progress, and its inability to stop building, creating, manufacturing and growing, all with little thought for the damage we are causing.

Although this is the first large format painting I have put into this series, my ideas and smaller works have been leading up to this point, and my recent three dimensional work 'Our favourite Tree' pairs nicely with this painting and adds to the concept of nature struggling to survive within a man made world.

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Updated: Apr 25

I've been toying (pun intended) with the idea of doing some model making for a while now, and during this current stage in my planning of large scale paintings I thought it might actually help to see my ideas in three dimensional action.

Created from oven dried modelling clay, Lego and acrylic paint it was an enjoyable project, while also helping me identify, or at least cement some of the ideas I already had. I was excited to use Lego; partly because it's all about construction from it's very nature, but also as it's a recycled part of my youth and holds a lot of memories for me. My childhood bedroom, in a small village outside London looked over fields and trees where we used to play, only to eventually be flattened by the construction of the M25.

Entitled 'Our favourite tree' it suggests a struggling tree in a man-made confine. Black shapes appear to be rising up, taking the tree with them, already almost dead and destined not to last much longer. With the worlds ever swelling population and ever growing greed, this is a token of a much bigger, and more frightening future.

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Updated: Apr 25

Still working with themes around the obliteration of the landscape by humankind, the constant progress that is slowly destroying the world, while packing in a little nostalgia into the mix (as a lot has changed in the years since I was younger, and these reflections are useful).

I'm looking at shapes and forms that we are used to being everywhere - Buildings, signs, roads, wires, towers etc., but adjusting proportions and blackening them out to add a little mystery. The black towers and poles definitely work, looking serenely out of place - as though they've always been there, yet questioning why anyone would have put them there in the first place. These shapes are indicative of the damage we do to the landscape without a second thought.

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