This blog contains highlights of my 2nd year at UWE, and includes ideas, discoveries and works which I feel are relevant to the course made both inside and out of the studio, as well as outlining the processes I have learned.

The blog also includes my 'Studio File' ( A collection of personally influential artists and recent gallery visits) as well as my Professional Practice experiences.

I have purposefully squeezed this one into my blog at very short notice to hit my University deadline because this painting is starting to feel like the work I have put in recently is paying off, and that I am heading in the right direction with my own style.

I wanted to achieve a painting with minimal compositional features, held up by the skies primarily, which I think I have done. It could even be argued that the tree on the left could go and it would still work.

I am trying to become a little more relaxed in my style while still enabling a similar narrative to early pieces.

This is only an A3 painting, and I think this lends itself to a larger canvas, which I will work on once I have practiced more in a similar theme.

I am currently continuing my studies into bleak and beautiful landscapes in various mediums in quite small scale at the moment, just to play with colours and composition. I have also been trying some new techniques with some heavy structure gel used in my acrylic paintings, which will take a little getting used to but that I think works with my style of painting.

Updated: Jan 11

What started out as a small exercise in portrait drawing and a way to keep myself drawing everyday, ended up being a 200 day project. Mostly in biro, these postcard sized drawings tended to take between 20-60 minutes over a morning cup of coffee.

It proved itself to be great practice in self discipline and improved my drawing skills no end, especially portraits, and I enjoyed it enough that the good days outweighed the bad.

Despite this marking the end of this project for the moment I do intend to continue to draw, sketch or paint everyday.