This blog contains highlights of my 2nd year at UWE, and includes ideas, discoveries and works which I feel are relevant to the course made both inside and out of the studio, as well as outlining the processes I have learned.

The blog also includes my 'Studio File' ( A collection of personally influential artists and recent gallery visits) as well as my Professional Practice experiences.

A couple of my prints have been featured in the April Fish virtual exhibition, and I now get to see them in print. Based around more unusual and humorous works of art the exhibition began on April 1st online and featured 16 international artists.

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I still find it quite hard to paint dark scenes, so I thought I'd practice with a manmade object just to make it even harder.

Using reference from a photo with a lot of heavy manipulation, I really feel that I've caught the light just right, and I'm happy with how this has turned out. It also fits in with some of my other post apocalyptic paintings, and I feel this caravan could easily be situated in the shadows beneath one of the large monolithic structures I have depicted in other paintings... (acrylic on canvas 22x18")

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This started as a simple digital doodle I thought I might complete in an evening or two. A month later, and I finally managed to finish it off...

I really enjoy the process of drawing and doodling, so I will probably start another piece in a similar style to occupy my 'down time'. There is also the consideration of printing a piece like this, possibly through laser cutting...

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